Another Stranger Things / West Memphis 3 connection?

So, the Duffer brothers have made it pretty clear that Eddie Munson, and the Satanic Panic storyline of season 4, is heavily inspired by the West Memphis 3 case, when Damien Echols and two other teens were convicted of killing three boys, mostly because Damien was a goth kid who liked Stephen King.

I was recently listening to a podcast about the case, and something else I thought was interesting was the name of one of the victims: Christopher Byers, the same last name as, of course, Will. Now, I haven't seen anything connecting Christopher and Will, at least in interviews with the Duffer brothers — only a Reddit thread that seemed to come up with the same connection way back in 2016 (as well as similar circumstances involving the West Memphis 3 victim disappearances and Will's):

I'm not sure if there's anything to gauge from this, beyond perhaps Will potentially being in continued trouble, but I just found it to be an interesting little tidbit.