Key quotes from new Stranger Things trailer

Netflix just released a new trailer for the back half of season 4, and I think there are a few key quotes to zero in on. First off, the trailer itself:

Here's what I think we could surmise about the episodes based on some of the trailer's quotes:

1. Dr. Brenner: "Your friends are not prepared for this fight." This is mapping out two things: a) obviously, Eleven will have to rejoin her friends in our outside Hawkins in order to help save them, and b) even though this is meant to cause despair, it's definitely setting up an underdog situation (which, more often than not, leads to our gaggle winning out, imo).

2. Will: "He's not going to stop. Not until he's taken everyone." Why would Will have this knowledge, unless he's had a piece of Vecna feeding him information? Does this have something to do with what he's been painting — what Vecna has been telling him, due to some sort of leftover Mind Flayer ESP?

3. Robin: "I have this terrible feeling: It's not going to work out for us this time." Foreshadowing death, or just foreshadowing doom so we can fear for our faves before plot armor saves them?

4. Vecna: "It is over. Now I just want you to watch" AND "Your friends have lost." This tells me that, at some point, Vecna will have the perceived upper hand, and Eleven will have to do something drastic in order to save them. Like...

5. Kate Bush: "If only I could make a deal with god, and get him to switch our places." This lyric has haunted me since we first heard it — Eleven is definitely going to switch places with at least one of our Hawkins or LA kids to save them, thereby putting her in direct danger with Vecna. Mark my words.