Will this character be bad on next season of Stranger Things?

Poor Will. Not only does the kid have a bad haircut, but he also is seemingly shoved into the background on every season of Stranger Things. It's curious, given he played such a HUGE role in season 1 (despite us not really ever seeing Noah on screen). It makes me think he's bound for bigger things — perhaps in the finale. And I wonder whether that big thing is turning him into the baddie. (At least a short-term baddie — no way this ends with Will as the Big Bad.)

Why do I think this is possible? Because of his similarities to One. Soft-spoken, awkward, and often forgotten (see: all his scenes trying to get Mike's attention), he has the markers of a personality that should shift him to the dark side. Vecna could try to coerce him into joining his team by exposing those similarities to him. Plus, there had to be a reason that Vecna chose Will in the first season — will those reasons reveal themselves in the last season?

The other possible reading is that Will is the good yin to One's bad yang. At the very least, the way they both comforted El after she was bullied at school and at the Lab almost mirrored one other, except Will was presumably comforting for good, while One had other intentions when displaying kindness.

I don't think I've completely cracked the code here, but curious if other people have picked up on this possibility.