Dear Billy

I’ve finished the first half of Stranger Things and although it was much too gory for my taste I can honestly say that this is the second best season ever. If you look at the iTunes charts running Up that Hill by Kate Bush is trending and now is a part of my playlist. It is the song that basically is pivotal for a certain character without spoilers. When you think about it at least for me it feels like such a poetic theme that is also true in real life.

Like aren’t we all trying our best to keep everything to ourselves while secretly unraveling to the point where it consumes you. And leaning on music to save our lives. Even though we know that we have friends and family who truly do love, care, and do anything to help us even though they have their own shit going on. And you have to not let that darkness consume you and shake off that pride and run for your life. Or at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it.