Who are we rooting for?

This show has gone downhill. The only likable/person to root for is Venita, and to see the cast ice her out feels awful. What is Olivia’s problem?!

Im clearly not rooting for Austen or Craig; Kathryn is a hot mess as always but at this stage in the game, you’d think she’d know better; Madison’s shadiness is fun but isn’t really bringing what it used to; Naomie is just blah and Leva… kinda a non player at this point (besides when the producers clearly asked her to ask everyone at the birthday party what their problem was with everyone else).

Shep’s schtick is played out and Pringle? Who is he in this world if he’s not trying to get between Austen and Madison.

And the fact that they teased a dog wedding in an upcoming episode… snooooooooze. Desperate.

Is anyone liking this season?