Season 8 premiere date predictions and more

I'm already dreading the end of Summer House, but at least we have Southern Charm to look forward to. Here's my prediction for premiere date and more:

- We know they were filming Season 8 in September, 2021, and I believe they stopped filming Season 8 in December, 2021

- Normally, the show premieres in March/April/May (except for the Covid season, which debuted in October)

- We know that Danni isn't really involved (wikipedia says she's not even back in a "friend of" role, and I think Naomie said that Danni filmed like one episode

- It seems like the Craig/Paige/Naomie storyline will be big

- Can't wait to see Madison and her new man (though, rumor has it he's not filming) and Austen's reaction to it all

- Kinda over Shep? Don't really care

- Pringle's storylines are always very sweet with his kids, wouldn't mind some of that, but, since they didn't film over the summer, I wonder if we'll see them with him.

- Kathryn's storyline is dark, but hey, she keeps it interesting!

- Kathryn's man Chleb Ravenell is listed as Main Cast Member! Stoked to see more of him

- Same with Venita -- she's Main

-- Newbies Olivia Flowers and Marcia Hobbs are listed as Mains ... rumor has it Austen is dating Olivia


Marcia: couldn't find her!

- I bet we get a Season 8 trailer .... in a couple weeks? Can't wait.