Men You Think You Love, But Shouldn't: Craig Conover

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Men You Think You Love, But Shouldn't: Craig Conover

Welcome to Men You Think You Love, But Shouldn't, a series where we offer insight into the glaring flaws of all of our formerly favorite men. Today, we take a trip down south, where the beer flows like wine and the pillows have some sort of wagon on them?

I get it, he's currently the beloved prince of Bravo TV, but I cannot get behind this. I just can't. I slowly have been losing my patience with Craig Conover ever since Season 3 of Southern Charm when it came out he didn't actually take the bar and had been lying the entire time, and last season's reunion really sealed the deal for me. I am throwing in the towel on Ole Craigy, and so should you.

The Season 1 Slut-Shame

People seem to forget that in Season 1, he slut-shamed Kathryn Dennis at the table in front of everyone, claiming that she slept with three of the four men at the table in just a few weeks' time. But, of course, this "reveal" happened only after she rejected him.

He eventually apologized for that, but something about that moment still sticks with me. Because, to quote sweet angel Ariana Madix (she was talking about Jax Taylor, not Craig, but it still applies)... she said, "This is pattern. This is a personality. This is who this person is." This behavior continues and in my opinion, escalates all the way until Season 8.

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