Here Are The New Bravo Shows To Be Most Excited About

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Here Are The New Bravo Shows To Be Most Excited About

For a while now, I've been saying we need a Bravo Renaissance, and now with the most recent announcement by the network, I can say that we're getting just that. We started to see this Renaissance with the addition of Real Housewives of Miami and Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip last year, but those had most of the same faces we're used to. But now, we are getting all new people on all new Bravo shows. Some of the series will flop, but some will shine, and I have a good hunch as to which show will do what.

Here's my definitive ranking and predictions for the new shows coming down the pipe:

#6: Life Is A Ballroom (Coming 2023)

So far, we don't have much detail on the new show Life Is A Ballroom, but I'm going to assume it is a dancing show (?) The only way I will watch is if it includes former/current Bravolebs, tbh. I'd kill to see Ramona Singer try to learn how to tango. Or Porsha Williams learning the waltz.

#5: XSCAPE/SWV (Coming 2022)

According to Deadline, this show follows the girl group's journey preparing for a show that will "reignite their careers."

This ranks pretty low on my list because I feel we have already seen this show. Back in 2017, Kandi Burress had a show on Bravo called XSCAPE Still Kickin It, and it was just kind of boring and flopped after only one season. And I love Kandi, and love her spin off Kandi And The Gang, but this one just feels very repetitive. "

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#4: Love Without Borders (Coming Fall 2022)

Bravo hasn't released much information about this show yet, but I will assume it might be a Bravo spin on 90 Day Fiance. And if that is the case, then I have mixed feelings. I love 90 Day Fiance, don't get me wrong, but I also don't think Bravo needs to be dipping its toes into those TLC style waters. And if you know TLC programming, you know what I mean. But who knows what this show is about!

#3: Real Girlfriends In Paris (Coming Fall 2022)

Deadline describes this show as, "Six bold twenty-something American women pack their bags to embark on an exciting international adventure living in the most beautiful city in the world: Paris!" So basically, Emily In Paris but with multiple Emilys, and make it reality. I guess we'll see women fall in love and form life-long friendships. And it sounds OK... I'm just curious to see how the French will feel about "six bold twenty something women" taking on their city... these girlies better sign up for DuoLingo.

#2: Below Deck Adventure (Coming Fall 2022)

It's clear that Below Deck is one of the most popular franchises to come out of the network – there are so many spinoffs – but this one looks thrilling. Bravo said that this one takes place in Norway and will feature wealthy people (duh), who are adve nture seekers, and according to Noah Samton, current Vice President of Production, he said "we're shooting in the fjords, so the water's a lot colder. If you fall in, it can be dangerous." This isn't just a show about people drinking mimosas, but they want to do excursions! So the stakes are higher. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME. Sign me tf up!

# 1: Southern Charm: Leva Land (Coming Fall 2022)

I am MOST excited for this, because I think I know who the cast is, and I love nothing more than hot twenty-somethings who work in a restaurant, a la Vanderpump Rules. And since the last few seasons of VPR have been lackluster, I am ready to welcome new waitstaff into my life. And as someone who has worked in restaurants, I can attest to the fact that it just is just such a natural place for drama to be born.

As for what else is coming, here's a list of those shows that have been renewed:

- Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles
- Summer House
- Winter House
- Below Deck and Below Deck Med
- Real Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, New York City, Potomac, and Salt Lake City

- Vanderpump Rules
- Top Chef
- Family Karma
- Married to Medicine
- Project Runway


RHONY Legacy is also in the works but unclear as to when we will be getting those, my guess is late 2023! And according to Variety, it will likely land on Peacock. Which means that the RHONY renewal, mentioned above, is likely RHONY: Reboot, which will have a whole new cast!

Image: Leva Bonaparte/Instagram

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