Sew, What’s It Like To Be Employed By Craig Conover?

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Sew, What’s It Like To Be Employed By Craig Conover?

Arguably, one of the most well-known Bravo brands is Craig Conover’s Sewing Down South, which was his dream to become the “male Martha Stewart” brought to life. Once a hobby that he was mocked for, Craig has not only turned his sewing into an extension of himself, but a popular business with loyal employees.

I spoke with the marketing manager for Sewing Down South, Jack Gilchrist, to learn what it was like to work for a Bravolebrity. From fan encounters to getting to know Craig as a CEO to stocking pillows, Gilchrist has seen it all behind-the-scenes.

Gilchrist (who deferred law school, "Craig Conover-style," to stay with Sewing Down South) has been at the company for almost a year now. And in that year, he's learned there is more to a Bravolebrity than what we get to see on our TVs.

“He's way smarter," Gilchrist says of Craig's in-person vibe versus his TV one. "He exceeds expectations in a great way. He really is a super nice, genuine guy. I think you see less [of his] negatives in-person, in a good way.”

And according to Gilchrist, Craig’s success in business is no accident. Gilchrist says that Craig has a bad rap on the show for "not being put together," but in real life? “He knows what he is doing," he says. "This is a real business and he really did it. I think going into it, I probably wasn't expecting him to be involved as much. I mean, he's at our weekly meetings at eight at night on Zoom.”

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