Why Is Cara Back On 'Siesta Key' When Nobody Likes Her?

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Why Is Cara Back On 'Siesta Key' When Nobody Likes Her?

Alright everyone, it’s time to have a talk about Cara. She’s back and let's be real, we're not excited about it. If you don’t know Siesta Key's Cara Geswelli, well, let’s just say she traumatized Garrett Miller and fans during Season 2 and our PTSD is about to go into overdrive now that she’s on Palm Island.

Cara joined us on Episode 1 of Season 2 and I still haven’t forgiven MTV for this. Alex Kompo dated her, and Chloe Trautman kept Cara around after they broke up. Cara is the reason why Juliette Porter and Chloe fought so much in Season 2. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, Cara started dating Garrett – Kelsey Owen’s ex.

Cara hated Kelsey from day one for no reason, it seemed, and she always talked shit about her around Garrett and it was just... messy. Kelsey finally spoke up and told Garrett to get away from Cara because it was pretty clear that Cara was only using Garrett for some more screen-time. As if the drama with Juliette wasn’t enough, Cara added fuel to the fire by fighting with Garrett every five seconds and she attacked the women of Siesta Key wherever she went.

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Kelsey was bullied constantly by Cara (never forget when Cara called Kelsey “Spongebob Squarepants ugly-ass bitch with her fake lip injections,” wow) but she wasn’t the only one. When Garrett and Cara broke up because Alex took it upon himself to confront Cara about cheating rumors, everyone felt the wrath of Cara. (In part two of my interview with Kelsey, we chat about Cara. That’s coming soon!) Remember when Cara even went so far as to spread a rumor that Kelsey used her mom’s illness as a pity thing?

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