When Was The New Season Filmed? The Timeline Is Very Interesting

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When Was The New Season Filmed? The Timeline Is Very Interesting

First of all, is it bothering anyone else that MTV hasn't been clear about what we're calling this new season of Siesta Key? I'm going with Siesta Key 4B, since if it was a Season 5, they'd call it Season 5, and because I refuse to refer to it all season long as "the new season of Siesta Key." Second of all, I did a little digging to find out when Season 4B of Siesta Key was filmed, because the timeline is a little fuzzy. Especially since we're celebrating Juliette Porter's birthday in the premiere.

This season opens with Juliette looking at new apartments while Sam Logan tells his friend his plan for celebrating Juliette's birthday. Juliette's birthday is July 7.

The previous season's reunion – the Season 4A reunion – aired August, 4.

At the reunion, Madisson Hausburg officially announced that she was pregnant, and that you could see a little bump. We saw the "we're pregnant" cake arrive in the Season 4 finale, too. Madisson was due to give birth January, 1, 2022. (It is heartbreaking to write that Madisson had a still birth at 37 weeks, on December 12, 2021.)

Most people don't announce a pregnancy until mom is around 12 weeks, or three months, pregnant. Madisson was probably around 12 weeks pregnant in July of 2021. The reunion aired August 4, 2021, which means they probably had to have filmed the Season 4A finale in July.

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