Cara & Jordana Are Obsessed With Chloe, Which Can Only Mean One Thing

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Cara & Jordana Are Obsessed With Chloe, Which Can Only Mean One Thing

The Season 5 premiere of Siesta Key was eventful, to say the least – Juliette Porter wants to move out! Camilla Cattaneo is being weird around Will Gray! – but one thing that blew my mind was how many times Chloe Trautman’s name left Cara Geswelli and Jordana Barnes' mouths. We all know that Chloe has been on a long journey with herself for a while now, but clearly Cara and Jordana aren't buying it.

Before Chloe took some time to become a reformed mean girl, she and Cara actually started as close friends. If I’m not mistaken, they met through Alex Kompo when Cara dated him in college. Cara made her appearance in Season 2 and right off the bat everyone pretty much hated Cara, especially Juliette.

As time went on, Cara dated Garrett Miller and made enemies with Kelsey Owens after practically bullying her the entire season. Kelsey isn’t the only one Cara went after, though, because Cara also dated JJ Mizell who is Amanda Miller’s ex, so she made another enemy on the show with Amanda.

Oh, and Kenna Quesenberry, Garrett’s fiancé, hates Cara, too. Honestly, I think she has more enemies than Chloe has ever had, so why is she so petty and obsessed with whatever Chloe is doing?

Well, to be fair, a couple of seasons ago, Chloe actually spread a rumor that Cara cheated on Garrett with an unknown ex and it not only significantly damaged Cara and Garrett's relationship, but it caused Cara to actually quit the show.

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