I am embarrassed for Camilla.

Ok so Siesta Key just ended maybe three minutes ago and I rushed here so I could immediately vent about Camilla.

I feel like we all felt really bad for her last season because Jordana (Jordan?) was all over Brandon in front of her right after he had cheated on her. Not a cool thing to do and the wounds were still fresh but I was relieved to watch Camilla move on with Will (even though it seemed completely forced). But that was then and this is now. After the Siesta Key premiere tonight I absolutely cannot stand watching her. First, she got back with Brandon after he had a baby with someone else AND after the whole Jordana thing, which really makes me wonder wtf is going through her mind.

Then at Juliette's birthday party she wasted a perfectly good charcuterie board and threw crackers at Will just so she could have a moment of male attention. When Will shrugged her off, and clearly showed he wasn't interested (and not even in a rude way) she went off. I get it's embarrassing to throw crackers at someone and not have them think it's adorable but she needed to calm down. She then had the nerve to tell him that he should've chased her and tried to win her back after she went back to Brandon. CAMILLA, HAS THE KHALEESI BLONDE HAIR BLEACH GONE TO YOUR HEAD? Why on earth would Will (who seems actually normal and capable of a functioning human relationship) follow you around like a love sick puppy after you ditched him to get back with your cheating ex? Wake up. I'm telling you right now I cannot watch an entire season of her acting this desperate.

Ok, rant over.