Thoughts on the new trailer?

First of all, what season are we calling this? Season 4? Season 4B? Season 5? I love how the MTV website doesn't clarify, and none of the publishers like People or Us Weekly say what season it is. They just call it the "new season." So, the trailer for "the new season"... I hope we don't spend too much time on the Sam and Juliette drama. We all saw that play out on social media. Plus, Sam is such a dud on camera. He isn't dynamic whatsoever. Let's leave him in "last season" and focus on Juliette, who has true star power. I'm here for her and her new man. I'm also here for thirsty Chloe coming in hot off her "wellness" journey to call someone a stone cold bitch. Kinda need more from Kelsey, and tbh, the Brandon and Madisson storylines are too depressing to watch (on account of Madisson's tragic still birth) so I could use less of them.

TLDR the more Juliette Being Juliette, the better.