Chloe has not changed at all.

Every Thursday us viewers are forced to hear Chloe go on and on about her JoUrNeY and how much she's changed, and no longer lives for ruining everyones lives and punching her friends. It's very fitting that I'm writing this on April Fool's Day because it's such a joke to me. She still LOVES to stir the pot and gossip but only when her yoga loving boy toy isn't around. Around him she's all about energy and crystals and Cara seems to be the only one who thinks she looks and sounds ridiculous.

Whenever she has gotten into a confrontation in front of her boyfriend he has this look of sheer terror on his face like he can't believe Chloe could ever have an evil bone in her body. This guy needs to wake up and watch the old Siesta Key seasons so he can see what he's really dealing with. Whenever she's arguing with someone in front of him she looks at that person like "IF YOU DON'T STFU AND STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS IN FRONT OF CHRIS I WILL END YOU." She's living a lie.

I look forward to more people calling her out this season.