Garrett Miller's Dating History Led Him To Makenna Quesenberry

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Garrett Miller's Dating History Led Him To Makenna Quesenberry

When it comes to drama on Siesta Key, Garrett Miller, 26, has had the least amount on the show, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had some roller coaster relationships. From Kelsey Owens to Juliette Porter to Cara Geswelli and then back to Kelsey… it’s worth exploring Garrett’s relationship timeline to understand how we got to fiancé Makenna Quesenberry, 21.

In Season 1, we were introduced to Garrett as the cast’s high school friend and with him came his relationship with Kelsey. Apparently these two met on social media when Kelsey was a model, and when Kelsey moved to Florida to help her ill mom, they took their relationship to the next level, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

That didn’t come without consequence, but nothing ever does in Siesta Key. As soon as the first season kicked off, Garrett was in a love triangle with Kelsey and Alex Kompo. Garrett and Kelsey’s status as “official” didn’t last too long; Garrett decided to break things off.

Garrett then moved onto Juliette when she and Alex broke up due to his flings with Kelsey and mutual friend Amanda Miller (now a main cast member). Fans were not convinced it was a real relationship when it came to Juliette and Garrett, and neither was Kelsey. Garrett seemed to be happy enough when getting to know Juliette, but Juliette didn’t seem as interested in him, leaving us all convinced she was only doing it to spite Alex and Kelsey. This relationship ended just as quickly as Garret’s time with Kelsey… because not only did Kelsey and Garrett spend a night together (Juliette was not happy), but Juliette also cheated on Garrett by kissing Alex at Chloe Trautman’s birthday party. Yikes.

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