Garrett & Kenna Aren't "Drama Free" Like Everyone Thought

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Garrett & Kenna Aren't "Drama Free" Like Everyone Thought

Finally, after what feels like a very long wait, fiancés Garrett and Kenna have returned to our Siesta screens. The two have been open about why they haven’t had much screen-time so far (they've said they don’t have any drama to give producers) but they certainly weren't lacking drama in Thursday night's episode.

It all started with Garrett at his apartment with best friends Tate and Will; when they asked Garrett how things were going with Kenna, before Garrett could even answer, they started cutting him off with the sound of a blender. Garrett didn’t love this reaction, but being Garrett, of course he was too nice and let it slide. His best friends clearly have some sort of resentment toward Kenna, which they make abundantly obvious and it’s kinda sad.

When Garrett tells Kenna about what happened (and how they questioned how fast everything was moving with them), Kenna is not happy at all. She feels disrespected, and rightfully so. Tate and Will even have their own scene where they talk about how Garrett has been through horrible relationships and is pretty much blaming Kenna for monopolizing Garrett. They put it all on Kenna for Garrett being so in love with her? Okay then…

Now, Will meets up with Kelsey and her boyfriend Max and tells Kelsey that he is not on good terms with Garrett. Kelsey actually admits that Garrett ignored her when she wished him happy birthday and she thinks that Garrett has to ask permission to respond to Kelsey, since they're exes. Kelsey also tells Will that she’s heard rumors that Kenna doesn’t actually even like her, she just deals with her because she's in Garrett’s life. How true can this be though? Because as far as we can tell, Kenna gets along and is sweet to everyone (except for Cara).

During a group get together, Kelsey pulls Garrett aside and checks in with him, asking how things are really going with Kenna. That’s when she decides to tell Garrett about the rumors she’s heard about Kenna and confronts him about the birthday text situation. Garrett tells Kelsey that Kenna has no issue with Kelsey, just Cara. Kenna is off to the side with Amanda and Camilla, wondering what is going on, and that's when Amanda starts questioning their relationship, too. As Amanda said in Season 3, how did I know this was not going to go well?

Kenna states that she knows Will is telling people about the small and normal fights she has with Garrett. Will and Kenna come to a head when Kenna confronts him and Will tells Kenna about the Kelsey text situation, and Kenna practically explodes when she jumps out of her chair and yells to Garrett, “When the f*ck did I say Kelsey couldn’t answer your shit?”

When Garrett clarifies what Will is talking about, Kenna tells Kelsey and Will what actually happened and how she told Garrett that he needed to respond to Kelsey because he never did. So, what is the issue with all of these rumors spreading when they clearly aren’t true? Garrett has never lied about where he was in any of his relationships, so I know that if things weren’t going well with Kenna, he wouldn’t decide to hide anything now.

Will gets annoyed and walks off, leaving Garrett to deal with an emotional and high anxiety Kenna. Kenna is right, it’s between her and Garrett and I think this group needs to start respecting boundaries.

Kenna has been very open with her anxiety and Will and Amanda cornering her in front of everyone, which in turn seemed to trigger that anxiety, was not okay. I felt so bad for her and I could tell Garrett did not know what to do.

Now we obviously know Garrett and Kenna are stronger than ever today because they’re ENGAGED, but this season is clearly not going to be easy for them. And they thought they were drama-free and wouldn't be in this season that much? Looks like that's all about to change.

Image: GarretMiller/ Instagram

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