Are Kelsey & Juliette Friends Now? Here's What Kelsey Told Us

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Are Kelsey & Juliette Friends Now? Here's What Kelsey Told Us

We know it's a ~reality show and that some things should be taken with a grain of margarita salt and a tequila shot, but it did seem like, regardless of whatever storyboarding was going on, that Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens' relationship on Siesta Key was a genuine one, until the fight, which, you know, to be honest, also felt genuine. And now that Season 4 is done and Season 5 is filming ... are the two bikini line entrepreneurs friends again? Did they make up?

The Dipp contributor and Siesta Key expert Tori Rios spoke with Kelsey to get the answer. Well, her answer, anyway. Juliette won't return our calls.

Here's what Kelsey said:

Tori Rios for The Dipp: How did you feel going into Season 4, especially with everything going on between you and Juliette? Were you nervous? Were you ready?

Kelsey Owens: I honestly like... I was in a good spot going into the season, and I think I thought that Juliette and I were in a lot better place than I guess we were. So, I wasn't really too nervous. I thought we were on OK terms, but it kind of took a turn for the worst. I definitely went into it with an open mind.

When you got to Palm Island, did you feel that some people in the group chose sides between you two?

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