Billions, Super Pumped and the Thrill of Bryan Koppelman

Well, I've caught up on this season of Billions and started watching Super Pumped and need to hand it to Bryan Koppelman (and the other brilliant folks who make these shows).

I'm hooked. Sucked in. And what impresses me is that my bar was so low. I saw the trailer for Super Pumped and just thought, "eh, another bad boy being an a hole story. pass." but oh no no no this series has it all. Thrill, drama, and honestly, lets the viewer decide for themselves how they feel about the rise of Uber and what the company did to create this service. Bravo. Also Joseph G.L. is phenomenal as always.

Billions this season was no different. With Damian Lewis off the show and Corey Stoll in the lead role, I didn't know what to expect. But oh boy I am loving it. Once again, Koppelman tells the stories of the ultra wealthy but lets the viewer decide how to feel. And that's some of the best way to make TV.

Prediction: Showtime gives him a bigger deal to keep making shows for them.