Who Is The Father Of Jean's Baby On 'Sex Education'? These Are The Most Likely Suspects

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Who Is The Father Of Jean's Baby On 'Sex Education'? These Are The Most Likely Suspects

Sorry, Jakob, but you're not the father. And trust me, I'm as astonished/crushed as Jean is. Near the end of Sex Education Season 3, a still hospitalized Jean is sorting through the mail Aimee and Maureen brought over from her house when she finds the paternity test Jakob requested. While the show left viewers hanging where the identity of baby Joy's father is concerned, it was clear from Jean's reaction that it definitely isn't Jakob.

In truth, the show laid the groundwork for this big reveal early on in the season. Jean mentioned multiple times that Jakob's vasectomy must have failed, and Jakob himself became suspicious when he found another man's cufflink under the sink. None of that stopped me from hoping against hope Sex Education was simply tossing out a few red herrings on the road to Jean and Jakob living happily ever after, but no such luck. One way or another, Jean is going to have to show her partner the results and let him decide for himself if he's still willing to take on the role of Joy's father.

And let's all hope Jakob has become enlightened enough not to shatter their blended family just because he's not the father, because there are not a lot of good options when it comes to potential candidates for little Joy's bio dad.


Worst case scenario? Dan with the Oedipal Complex really is Joy's biological father. After all, had Jean and Jakob not run into him outside of the hospital, Jakob may never have asked for a paternity test in the first place. Granted, Dan's panic over seeing that his ex was pregnant was so over-the-top it's entirely possible he temporarily lost the ability to do math.

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