8 'Sex Education' Season 4 Theories, Because Netflix Can't End Things Like That

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8 'Sex Education' Season 4 Theories, Because Netflix Can't End Things Like That

For most of Season 3, Sex Education felt like it was coming to a natural close. From Otis and Maeve finally admitting their feelings to one another to Jean's recognition that her son has a gift for talking to people, the season was full of moments designed to satisfy long time fans. But then the Sex Education Season 3 cliffhangers started rolling in, and all bets were off.

In the final two episodes, Sex Education introduced plenty of loose ends that are just begging to be tied up in a fourth (and final?) season. First, there was the shocking reveal that Moordale will be shutting its doors before the sixth form can complete their A-levels, then the show dropped a paternity bombshell on Jean, and Maeve and Otis were once again separated — albeit this time, it's for the best reason since Maeve finally feels like she can prioritize her future. Add in some unresolved flirtations and Mr. Groff's lack of redemption, and it's clear Sex Education still has a few stories left to tell.

Netflix hasn't officially renewed the show for Season 4 just yet, but that hasn't stopped me from contemplating what might come next for Otis, Maeve, Eric, and the rest of their friends. Here are all of things that need to happen in Sex Education Season 4, because come on, Netflix, you can't end this bright and snappy series on such a downer note.

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