These Season 1 Parallels Bring 'Sex Education' Full Circle In Season 3

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These Season 1 Parallels Bring 'Sex Education' Full Circle In Season 3

Is it just me, or did Sex Education Season 3 feel like a show that was saying its goodbyes? Not only was it announced that Moordale would be closing its doors, the entire season was full of callbacks to Sex Education Season 1 that brought the show full circle. Now, don't get me wrong, there were lots of cliffhangers in the mix, too, but if the show doesn't return for some reason, the writers seemed determined to give fans plenty of reminders about where Otis' story began.

Just because Season 3 harkened back to Season 1 on multiple occasions doesn't necessarily mean the story is over though. Many of the references seemed to be about showing just how much these characters have grown. From the ease with which Jackson opened up to Cal about his anxiety to Adam's willingness to save Rahim from being embarrassed during the poo incident, the teens have all grown up a lot since Otis took on his first amateur sex therapist case back in Season 1.

Whether Sex Education is prepping viewers for one last swan song (because come on, there were too many threads left dangling not to have some sort of fourth season), or just feeling nostalgia for days gone by, there's no denying Season 3 is chock full of hat tips to Season 1. Check out some of the most memorable ones below.

Head Teachers Dancing To Classic Rock

Back in Season 1, Mr. Groff danced through the halls of Moordale when no one was looking, because he's way too reserved to put on such a public display. Meanwhile, the new head teacher, Hope, danced her way on stage in order to seem relatable and cool, when in actuality her display hinted she was far more dangerous than Mr. Groff ever dared to be.

Penis Troubles In The Old Toilet Block

Once upon a time, Adam took way too many Viagra pills and ended up becoming Otis' first patient. Two seasons later, Dex's fears over his penis being too small led him to turn to "sex god" Kyle for some truly terrible advice.

The Toilet Block Finally Comes Down

Speaking of the toilet block, Otis' first office finally came down this season. And yes, the symbolism of Otis and Maeve watching the building being destroyed at a time when they were feeling worlds apart was on point.

Jackson Opens Up About His Anxiety With Someone He Likes

Jackson was nervous about opening up to Maeve in Season 1, but he was way more candid with Cal when he told them how lost he was feeling after losing his head boy title.

The Spartacus Callback

In Season 1, Maeve and the rest of the girls all publicly declared a photo of Ruby's vagina was actually a photo of their own vaginas in one of the show's most heartwarming scenes. The situation played out again in Season 3, but it was way weirder, as the boys all claimed to have thrown their own poo from the bus window to keep the heat off Rahim.

The Kids Take Over Moordale

Jackson must be psychic, because the kids finally did take over Moordale in order to take down the tyrannical and bigoted Hope.

Otis Gives Lily The Advice She Needs

Otis was very much off his game this season. After his display at the house party in Season 2, he completely gave up on caring about people. But at the end of the day, he just doesn't have it in him to ignore people's pain. So it's only fitting that it's through helping Lily, just as he did at the end of Season 1, that he finally embraces his role as someone who is excellent at helping people with their emotional problems.

Maeve Visits Otis In His Backyard

Otis never realized Maeve came to tell him she liked him in the Season 1 finale, but a lot has changed since then. When she turns up to tell him goodbye (or rather "see you soon") before going to America at the end of Season 3, she and Otis finally share that backyard moment they missed out on at the start of the series.

Is Sex Education winding down or just preparing viewers for a fresh start in Season 4? Either way, all of the callbacks to Season 1 were a nice touch, not to mention they offered up a fun selection of Easter eggs for fans to discover while they're streaming Season 3.


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