The Framed Photo That Seema Breaks Is Of Great Importance To The Series

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The Framed Photo That Seema Breaks Is Of Great Importance To The Series

“The glass is not replaceable,” Carrie Bradshaw says in the fourth episode of And Just Like That after her newly introduced realtor, Seema Patel, reveals a broken frame holding a photo of Carrie smiling next to a newly deceased Mr. Big. It’s a clear visual thesis statement of the new series: the photo is from the night where Big finally calls Carrie his girlfriend, and now, refracted and broken, the photo – and the original series – are about to be reframed.

"Some of My Best Friends" may be the lightest episode of And Just Like That yet, but our Manolos are still six feet under. It seems that the specter of loss is going to stay with us as we head further into our 10 episode season, so we're going to need to adjust how we view the show. The essential question of the new series isn't the familiar SATC examination of "how do you find love," but perhaps, "what happens when you lose love?"

First, there's the loss of Samantha Jones. For fans of the original series, the revival was always going to be a tough Cosmopolitan to swallow without her; we knew Kim Cattrall’s decision to not return meant that Samantha would be missing from the next chapter. The show chose to deal with this reality upfront, though, and ripped the band-aid off for audiences within the first few minutes of the premiere when it's revealed Samantha has moved to London.

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