On 'Shortcomings,' We Talk To The Man Behind SJP In That Viral Forever 21 Dress Photo

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On 'Shortcomings,' We Talk To The Man Behind SJP In That Viral Forever 21 Dress Photo

On this episode of Shortcomings, Sam and Chris are joined by Bairam Rizai, who is The Man Behind Sarah Jessica Parker in the photo of her wearing the dress that may or may not be from Forever 21. It's hard-hitting journalism, people! Rizai is a character actor who was cast to walk a dog behind Carrie Bradshaw, and we needed to get his Thoughts about his viral moment.

He also explains what it's like to be a professional background actor, and reveals what we all want to know: what SJP smells like.

Here he is, with his fanny pack and tight jeans, walking someone else's geriatric dog, behind Parker:

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After their chat with Bairam, they go all in on perhaps the first great episode of the show. Miranda continues to be an athleisure queen (Ivy Park needs to send her some merch) and very problematic. Also, we see Charlotte’s entire arc in one quick flashback, Samantha does nothing (again!), and Carrie has the first of many breakdowns/breakthroughs. Plus, we get the debut of the "naked dress"!

They'll be back next with recapping Season 1, Episode 7, "The Monogamists." Until then, you can rate and review us wherever you listen.

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