Carrie Bradshaw Is So Dizzy In Her Gray Dress

- Sex and the City -
Carrie Bradshaw Is So Dizzy In Her Gray Dress

On this week's episode of Shortcomings, your hosts Sam Bush and Chris Lewis dissect Season 1, Episode 7 of Sex and The City, called "The Monogamists." It's the perfect episode to rehash for this very special "after dark" podcast. That's right, the lights on the veritable Peach Pit have been dimmed and instead of recording in the morning, Sam and Chris are giving you all of their SATC thoughts after 8 p.m. Risky, we know.

With Truly in hand, Sam gets fired up about the writerly way that Carrie Bradshaw speaks to Mr. Big, and Chris gets very upset that Charlotte York doesn't go downtown, and I don't mean Manhattan, if you know what I mean. (I can't believe I just wrote that.)

Come for the talk about SATC, stay for witty after dark banter.

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