Shayla Is Charlotte's Baby Name? Shayla?

- Sex and the City -
Shayla Is Charlotte's Baby Name? Shayla?

How can one episode be so memorable in the zeitgeist when it comes to Sex And The City, but Chris and I didn't remember a damn thing about it. In this episode of Shortcomings, we talk about the Season 1 episode with the baby shower. The one where the four girls go to Laney's shower and leave with more questions.

Carrie missed her period so she thought, "I'm gonna go to a park and watch children to figure my shit out." How she said last episode with Stanford's grandmother that she wanted a family, and now that the possibility is staring her in the face, she is confused. Dizzy Carrie!

Miranda per usual is there for her navigating the whole situation, and takes her to a bodega to get a test. Samantha is a god damn star, again. Her line of "you bitch!" is iconic. And Chris and I question how the hell Charlotte came up with a name like Shayla for her child. Shayla. Shayla?! Oof.

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