We've Reached 'Shortcomings' Season 1 Finale!

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We've Reached 'Shortcomings' Season 1 Finale!

Guys, we did it. We made it through our first season of Sex And The City and Shortcomings and some how The Dipp allowed us two clowns to come back for a second season and we couldn't be happier. Before I get into what the episode is about, I wanted to take a second to say that Chris and I are overwhelmed by the response and the feedback we get from all of you! So thank you all so much. We love you, even if you love Aidan Shaw.

Now OK, the finale was a big one. Is religion the only reason to shower after sex? How small is too small and why is Kim Cattrall just the best? We will miss her so much in the revival.

And Chris couldn’t help but wonder... should we be seeing this show through Big’s eyes? We also look back on an awkward start to our favorite show with a Season 1 roundup.

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