Peloton Continues To Haunt Carrie Bradshaw... And Themselves

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Peloton Continues To Haunt Carrie Bradshaw... And Themselves

A Peloton bike may not have technically killed Big, but the spectre of everyone's favorite quarantine pass time still looms large in episode 4 of the HBO Max's Sex and the City revival.

The first episode of And Just Like That showed Carrie and her husband Big in a very good place. In this marriage, no one is cheating, and the two were so happily nesting that notorious takeout queen Carrie was even cooking with her husband instead of using their oven for extra shoe storage. Sadly, however, it wasn't meant to last. After taking his 1000th Peloton class with "Allegra" (aka Peloton's Jess King), Big died of a heart attack in the shower, leaving Carrie a widow reeling from losing the one man she fought so hard to have.

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It made for a seriously bleak moment. It was easy to blame Peloton for killing Big — which Miranda's husband Steve basically did, before Miranda reminded him that it wasn't the bike's fault that Big had a heart condition. In real life, Peloton addressed the drama. The fitness company got in on the joke — while absolving all responsibility for the fictional death — by issuing a public statement that read, "Mr. Big lived what many would call an extravagant lifestyle — including cocktails, cigars, and big steaks — and was at serious risk as he had a previous cardiac event in Season 6."

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It didn't stop there. Ryan Reynolds made a commercial for the brand featuring actor Chris Noth and King, getting cozy with a roaring fire and their matching Peloton bikes. However, just days after it went up, the ad was pulled following sexual assault allegations against Noth.

While Peloton may be inching away from And Just Like That given the most recent controversy, And Just Like continues to connect the dots between the Peloton and Big's demise. In Episode 4, Carrie has the bike removed from her apartment, and gives it to her doorman. However, when her realtor comes in to stage the apartment for buyers, she is told that a Peloton really would be an enticing addition to the space. When it arrives, and Carrie finds the bike staring at her across the room she and Big once shared, it almost feels like there should be a horror movie soundtrack playing in the background. Is this bike straight-up haunting Carrie now?

Of course not — it's just a bike, and it definitely doesn't hold the spirit of Carrie's deceased ex-husband. At least, that we know of, anyway — should that supernatural plot point emerge, well, Peloton may need to issue a new statement.

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