SATC Season 3 is perfect tv

This week marks an important moment in our SATC herstory, Samantha Bush and I have finally reached season 3 of the original series. Over the past few months we have endured the growing pains of season 1 (Skipper, direct to cameras), the highs and lows of season 2 (Big moving to Paris, high; the last half of the season, low), and And Just Like That (I am an AJLT apologist and am proudly craving me some Che), all for the joy of getting to season 3!

Since we started Shortcomings, we have talked about this is the perfect season of television - the season starts with the introduction of Bill Kelley, the girls dancing, and the show confronting the complicated idea of whether women just want to be saved. Throughout 18 episodes, we will see Miranda and Steve come together and break-up over the idea of traditional marriage and children, the introduction of Trey, the continued comedic supremacy of Kim Catrall, oh and Aidan! Yes, season 3 introduces my least favorite burly man only to have Carrie cheat on him. It's thrilling tv that we have waited to talk about.

Perfect seasons of TV are rare and don't often come down to just a handful of great episodes--although that is important! It's more about the memory they leave you with, the moments. It's almost about nostalgia tbh. Other examples of great seasons of TV

1. Grey's Anatomy Season 2 - Izzy and Denny, Meredith and Derek prom sex, Cristina and Burke dancing. The LVAD wire. Go back and watch and you'll remember exactly why this show was once THAT GIRL.

2. Six Feet Under Season Five - there are few shows that had the great first season that Six Feet Under had that would then struggle for its entire run to recapture the magic only to do it in it's final year. It seems fitting that a show so focused on death would hit it's apex towards the end.

3. Gilmore girls Season Four - Sending Rory to college was hard to imagine, but ASP hit the mark. The show only gets deeper as the girls grow a part.

What are some of your favorite moments from SATC season 3? I, for one, cannot wait to talk about Bunny! And what are some of the perfect seasons of tv?