Shortcomings Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Let me begin by saying that I personally LOVE the Sam and Chris host chat at the beginning of the pod. Never change. Shoo the haterz.

Secondly, I have to come on to say justice for Kristen Davis. She is truly the glue that holds the ship together and I think that was clear in AJLT. She is a comedy QUEEN and Charlotte is truly one of the funniest characters on the show. I couldn't believe that she didn't get any accolades until the final season. I literally love this episode of the show. Carrie in the restaurant with Big is so heartbreaking. SJP played this entire episode so well. It tugs on my heart strings thinking about how sad it is must have been for Carrie to see Big with Natasha. I love that we know what happens 20 years later. It makes it all that much juicier. It's such a unique place to recap a show from and I love it.

Also, you didn't talk about it too much on the pod, but the way that music is used in the season 2 finale feels so quintessentially SATC to me. It's why I loved the finale of AJLT so much. The music beginning as Carrie walks away from Big at the end, reminding us that, in a way, it's all a fairytale. At the end of AJLT the music begins as Carrie kisses the producer....loveeee.

Looking forward to starting season 3!