Seasons of SATC, ranked

Having done an entire rewatch of SATC over the holiday weekend, all six seasons are fresh in my mind. Now, I understand that the show technically has seven seasons with AJLT, but I absolutely refuse to include the movies in this discussion. (For the record the first movie is infinitely better than the sequel, but then so is going to the dentist.)

Here's my personal ranking of SATC (with AJLT counting as Season 7), from best to worst:

Season 4: The return of Aidan! The slow dance to "Moon River"! The best!

Season 3: Honestly, Season 3 is a really close second. This season maybe feels the most quintessential SATC, but I still give S4 a slight edge.

Season 2: When the show finally settled into itself and ended with a whopper of a cliffhanger (Big's engagement).

Season 6: There's not much tension when you know Aleksandr wasn't gonna be the one, but it did give us a very satisfying "series" finale.

Season 5: Can't have a nothingburger without Jack Berger.

Season 1: Skipper season. Need I say more?

Season 7: I'm just not a fan, sorry Che apologists.

How would you rank the SATC seasons, and why?