I Never Thought Meeting New Friends Would Be This Hard

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I Never Thought Meeting New Friends Would Be This Hard

When you're younger, you have school, sports, summer camp, and a million planned activities where you're literally forced to mingle and make friends. You were always "putting yourself out there," but the thing is, you didn't even think about it like that; you didn't realize that one day, those opportunities to connect to people just, all kind of go away. And when you wake up in your late-twenties and take stock of your platonic relationships, you can find yourself yearning to be back at the tie-dye station, meeting new 10 year olds.

In the newest episode of And Just Like That... we are seeing this play out with a couple of the women. Charlotte York is desperately wanting to take her friendship with Lisa Todd Wexley (aka LTW) to the next level, and when the opportunity presents itself to have a dinner party for her, she immediately throws herself into making it the perfect night.

We see it with Carrie Bradshaw and her realtor Seema Patel (who might be Samantha Jones replacement, TBD), too. At first, their relationship is strictly business then the two decide to go for a drink. And that's when they start talking about dating and relationships, and the conversation ultimately gets strained because Carrie does what Carrie does best and says something "punny" and insensitive. Thankfully, Seema calls her out on her behavior later in the episode, and I think Carrie took it to heart more because it's coming from someone who doesn't really know her, and ultimately this moment deepens their relationship.

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