Che Diaz Isn't Even The Worst Character On 'AJLT,' Let Alone TV

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Che Diaz Isn't Even The Worst Character On 'AJLT,' Let Alone TV

In a world where we are fighting for more queer representation in the media, Che Diaz has somehow been deemed the "worst character on TV" by The Daily Beast, and a lot of the Sex and the City fanbase. The character has their flaws – sure. But to name the only non-binary person of color on the show the "worst" feels unwarranted, especially when the same show has missed the mark in so many other ways.

I could name at least three characters on And Just Like That that are more unlikeable in the first three episodes alone, and I will. But before I do that, I must first address the general reasoning around the distaste for Che and offer a rebuttal.

Che is "too woke"

Che manages to mention in most of their scenes that they are a queer, non-binary, person of color, and the mere existence of their character seems to be an over-correction of SATC's past sins when it came to diversity and inclusion. There's nothing particularly graceful nor realistic about how they discus and lives in their identity.

Rebuttal: Sex and the City, like so many other shows in its time, underrepresented so many marginalized communities that one character can’t possibly be to blame for the show trying to address what they got wrong. If we want to talk about over-correction, we would have to address the fact that the new POC characters don’t get nearly enough airtime; we would also have to address the way Stanford and Anthony’s marriage is treated as a joke. Not to mention the minimal-effort Diwali party Carrie was written into. It seems that Che Diaz has become a target more than anyone else, when really, the whole series, for better or worse, is trying to be more inclusive.

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