Carrie's New York Necklace In 'And Just Like That' Replaces An Iconic Accessory

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Carrie's New York Necklace In 'And Just Like That' Replaces An Iconic Accessory

Carrie Bradshaw may have been known for her shoe collection, but you'd be hard pressed to ever find her without her nameplate necklace in the original series. But things are different in the new HBO Max series, And Just Like That...; the cursive gold name necklace is gone. Now, Carrie wears a New York state necklace in the SATC reboot, because is there anything more Carrie Bradshaw than New York City?

As it turns out, the necklace itself holds more meaning than just "a new Carrie." Molly Rogers, the costume designer along with Danny Santiago for And Just Like That..., told The Dipp via email ahead of the premiere that she wanted to find something that paid homage to the people of New York for setting an example for the rest of the country at the beginning of the pandemic. "Everyone was watching New York at the frontlines fighting COVID because they knew their town would soon be next," Rogers shares.

From the 7 p.m. claps and pan-banging heard around the city each night to the "other small acts of kindness as the hospitals filled to overcapacity... It showed unity, we are in this together!" Rogers says.

Because of that, and because of star Sarah Jessica Parker's love of New York City, Rogers says she wanted to honor the "resilience of the people of [New York] town and state."

"When the going gets tough, New York gets going. And it relates to our show... you gotta have friends!" No detail is too small for And Just Like That...

Knowing that Carrie is going out with the old (nameplate necklace) and bringing in the new, you may also be wondering how you can usher in a refreshed era of style too. We went on the hunt to find a replica of Carrie's New York necklace, because who doesn't want a piece of Carrie (or a piece of New York, for that matter), on them at all times? Unfortunately, Santiago confirms to The Dipp that it may not be as easy as clicking "add to cart."

"We got this necklace at one of the stores in the Garment District where they sell notions and trims," Santiago says. So unless you're eager to find a needle in a bobbin drawer, we went ahead and found some similar New York-inspired necklaces that will pay homage to the Big Apple, just like Sex And the City.

Helen Ficalora — New York Mini Charm ($375)

Precious Accents — Rembrandt New York Charm ($290)

Macy's — State Charm in 14k Yellow Gold ($150)

Maya Brenner — New York Charm ($328)

Images: HBO Max

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