Carrie's Gray & Pink Hospital Sweater Costs Over $5,000

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Carrie's Gray & Pink Hospital Sweater Costs Over $5,000

Even when Carrie Bradshaw Preston has to undergo surgery, she's got her fashion priorities straight. In "Tragically Hip," the most recent episode of the Sex And The City reboot, Carrie has surgery to treat her congenital hip defect. And you might even feel bad for her if Carrie's hospital cardigan in And Just Like That didn't cost more than your health insurance deductible.

As one does when staying in the hospital post-surgery, Carrie brought her finest pearl necklace and a Chanel sweater to wear over her hospital gown. The grey and fuchsia cardigan has a suggested retail of $5,400 on Chanel's website. If she had wanted to cover her ass in that hospital gown, too, she could have bought the matching skirt, which is only $3,600.

The company eHealth did a study in 2020 and found that the average annual deductible for single, individual coverage is $4,364. (For family coverage, it's $8,439.) So even though deductibles can range wildly, her sweater does cost more than the average for a single person in 2020. And let's not forget Carrie's single now. Considering Big didn't even get a mention in the episode, Carrie's moved on from his death... and sharing health insurance with him.

Image: Chanel

She's also wearing her Monrow day of the week socks (it's Friday for those of you tracking time) which cost $180, which comparatively is pretty inexpensive if that gets you all the days of the week.

So lemme get this straight: Carrie can afford to pay out of pocket for Travis, the hot physical therapist, and she can splurge on a sweater that costs more than my first car, and socks that cost more than my fancy birthday dinner, but she didn't wanna spring for some in-home health care rather than relying on her shot-taking, sex-having friend Miranda while she was in recovery? That choice has gotta sting.

Images: HBO

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