Carrie's Eiffel Tower Purse Is An Easter Egg For 'SATC' Movie Fans

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Carrie's Eiffel Tower Purse Is An Easter Egg For 'SATC' Movie Fans

While New York may be the fifth character in Sex and the City, Paris was the other woman you kind of rooted for. The city played an important role in Carrie and Big's relationship, and ultimately became the backdrop of the And Just Like That finale, when Carrie released Big's ashes into the Siene.

To do so, Carrie — ever the fashion icon — brought Big's remains over from New York in a purse shaped like the Eiffel Tower. For eagle-eye fans, that purse may have looked familiar — it was the same bag she carried with her when apartment hunting with Big in the first Sex and the City movie, seen here.

It's an Easter egg that makes the ending of the season all that more meaningful, but enough about the emotions. Let's talk about the bag itself.

There aren't many crystal-clad Eiffel Tower bags on the market, as you may assume, so finding the designer of this purse was rather easy. That would be Timmy Woods Beverly Hills, a bag designer that specializes in one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal accessories like this one. You can get bags in the shapes of lips, dogs, and even fries. But if you want to channel Carrie Bradshaw, you'll need to focus your attention on the Tour D'Eiffel bag, which is... $4,500.

Small price to pay when laying a loved one to rest, I suppose. But throw in the cost of Big's coffin, because Carrie refused to rent, and this was a pretty expensive burial at sea (well, river).

Images: HBO

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