Does Carrie Hate Charlotte? There's No Paris Trip For These Two In The 'AJLT' Finale

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Does Carrie Hate Charlotte? There's No Paris Trip For These Two In The 'AJLT' Finale

Charlotte York-Goldenblatt has had to deal with a lot of disrespect from her buddies Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha over the years in Sex and the City. But the friendship coup de grâce came when Carrie dismissed Charlotte in the And Just Like That finale. With Samantha abandoning her and Seema unavailable due to nonstop hotel sex, Carrie asked her two remaining besties to come to Paris with her to scatter Big's ashes. But once Miranda's out, Carrie straight-up makes it clear that she hates Charlotte.

OK, to be fair, Carrie doesn't flat-out say she hates Charlotte in "Seeing the Light." But what she does is pretty egregious. Carrie and Miranda have a friend fight in the bathroom of Rock's they-mitzvah where the rabbi proves to them that they're only fighting because they love each other so much blah, blah, blah. They come out all resolved with Carrie OK that Miranda can't come to Paris with her because she's temporarily relocating her life to Los Angeles for Che. But when Charlotte is like, "So I guess it's just us two girls," about their Paris trip, Carrie's all like, "Nah, I'm good," despite getting all bent out of shape that Miranda wasn't able to go.

This isn't the first time that Carrie has been a bad friend and/or completely dismissive of Charlotte. Remember when Carrie ditched a vulnerable Charlotte because she saw Big and Natasha at the opera? Or when Carrie bullied Charlotte into giving her her engagement ring for a down payment on her apartment? Or when Carrie made her Post-it note breakup with Berger a bigger deal than Charlotte's engagement to Harry? Or when Charlotte brought up her very valid concern about Miranda's drinking and Carrie blew her off? (Oh wait, that last one just happened.)

It's been obvious for years where Charlotte stands in Carrie's Sex and the City friend hierarchy. It was Samantha, then Miranda, and then at the very bottom, it was Charlotte. (Sometimes, Samantha and Miranda swapped for first place.) But when you have a friend who has two children and is willing to fly transatlantically with zero notice, you don't take that for granted. And what if Charlotte had been the one not able to go to Paris? You just know Carrie would have still gone with Miranda, like when the friends all went to Los Angeles without Charlotte in Season 3 of Sex and the City.

I get that Charlotte's not perfect. She can be judgy (if that had been the real reason Samantha fled to London, I'd have bought it). She made Big's death about her for a hot minute. And despite all her growth to be more open-minded, she still lives a very insular life. But that doesn't mean she's not a good friend! And Carrie should value her as such. And like her enough to spend three days alone with her in Paris after Charlotte sacrifices her time so that Carrie isn't alone when she goes to spread her dead husband's ashes! But since that's not the case, at least And Just Like That gave Charlotte a true pal in LTW.

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