The Fart Heard Round The World

- Sex and the City -
The Fart Heard Round The World

Chris and I take on the first major “incident” between Carrie and Big in the episode of Shortcomings. It's not a cheating scandal, it's not standing anyone up for dinner... but a fart.

Personally, I would be mortified if I farted like Carrie did in bed with Big, but Big really shows his humorous side when he plays a prank on Carrie. We couldn’t help but wonder... is Sarah Jessica Parker the greatest actress of all time period? No wait, maybe Kim Cattrall is.

Miranda is in a dry spell and is spending her weekends at Blockbuster, RIP. And then we meet and heavily discuss our king, Kevin. Bring him back! We love this man who is in therapy and on anti-depressants! You know that mental health was probably very rare for a man to discuss in 1999.

We’ll be back next week recapping the Season 1 finale, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."

But for now, enjoy the penultimate episode recap!

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