Big's Secretary In The 'Sex And The City' Reboot May Connect To Another Famous Show

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Big's Secretary In The 'Sex And The City' Reboot May Connect To Another Famous Show

The Sex and the City reboot had quite a few familiar faces. There were a few we know and love (Stanford, Anthony), some we didn't expect (Bitsy, Susan Sharon), and some we straight up didn't recognize. And by that I mean Big's secretary, Gloria... who? Are we supposed to know this woman? Have I failed the characters of Sex and the City by starring at this woman's face for so long and coming up with nothing?

According to CheatSheet, this is the first time anyone from Big's professional life has been featured on the show in a recurring role, so I don't feel like a total loser for not knowing her or being able to place her. With that said, there have been a few theories as to her inclusion on the show.

First, Gloria may be a conduit for Louise from St. Louis from the first film, in that she's being set up as a guide, of sorts, for Carrie and her grieving journey. Who better to do so than someone Big said knows him more than he knows about himself. There's also the possibility that Gloria is just there to show that Big was a great guy and we'll never see her again. (He didn't fire her when she got old! A hero!)

But then there's this theory, and I'm going to need you guys to tighten those straps on the 'ole Manolo Blahniks for this one. Gloria is Big's secretary, right? She's played by Brenda Vaccaro. Vaccaro previously played Joey Tribbiani's mom on Friends... And on that show she was named GLORIA.

Take a minute to sit with that.

Now, there are some holes in this argument. (And, to be clear, the argument I'm making is that Joey's mom on Friends is Mr. Big's secretary.) Friends Gloria is Gloria Tribbiani. And Just Like That... Gloria is Gloria Marquette. With that said, who am I to say how the Tribbiani parents are doing these days? Divorce rates were up during COVID, according to the BBC, so maybe they were a casualty of the pandemic. I'm just saying, it's not impossible and this is the explanation we were all waiting for.

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