Big Is Going To Die On A Peloton, Isn't He?

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Big Is Going To Die On A Peloton, Isn't He?

We've long wondered what would take Mr. Big out in Sex and the City's reboot And Just Like That... It's not confirmed that Chris Noth's character will die, but I mean, come on, he was supposed to die in the third movie, Noth himself has had a lot to say about Big and SATC in general, and the man almost didn't even sign on for the reboot. Pair that with the fact that Big is seen only inside his apartment with Carrie in the new And Just Like That... trailer and, yeah, there's a HIIT & Hills ride that's just waiting to take the man off this Earth.

The Dipp has theorized that Big would be a ghost / distant (yet fond) memory in the reboot for a while now, but after seeing the trailer, I'm more convinced than ever. The show needs something to set it in motion on its new path — and a new era means a life change, and what's more life changing than losing your husband and launching a podcast? We know Carrie's already got the podcast, so now she just needs the ghost husband, and about 15 seconds into the trailer below we get just that.

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Well, kind of. It shows Big on a Peloton bike — my guess is he's a Denis Morton guy, but I can be convinced he does Matt Wilpers, too — which I suspect will be his final ride into the sunset. It's dark, yes, but why, oh why, dear reader, would we get a shot of all the fabulousness of the cast living their best New York City lives and then see Big... on a Peloton. Unless moments later after taking that swig of water he's going to keel over and die.

Feel free to convince me otherwise, but until Dec. 9, when the show premieres, I'll be thinking this every single time I clip in.

Images: HBO Max

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