Concerned about my kohls cash

So apparently the company that owns vitamin Shoppe is trying to buy kohls in a $9 billion deal. But does that mean vitamin shoppe is going to have stands in Kohl’s? Is Kohl’s going to continue taking Kohl’s cash? I’m just very concerned about the operations of Kohl’s during this merger because my mom gives me all of her Kohl’s cash and I use them to buy very cool T-shirts. But now I’m afraid I’m gonna be forced to buy vitamins or some other healthy things that I don’t want. Kohl’s has honestly been a sanctuary for me because it feels like you’re in the mall but you don’t have to go to the mall. They sell all the good namebrand athletic brands and their different departments may be over priced but when you add in all the coupons they email you and the added bonus of Kohl’s cash it’s honestly a magical store. Do not sleep on kohl’s. I also think the most confusing part is that I can count on one hand the amount of people I know that actually go to vitamin Shoppe versus I need fingers and toes and a friend fingers and toes other people I know who go to Kohl’s. Who in the world is going to vitamin shoppe? Everyone I know that works out and use the supplements go to GNC