Simu Liu & Chrishell Stause From 'Selling Sunset' Should Just Date Already

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Simu Liu & Chrishell Stause From 'Selling Sunset' Should Just Date Already

We all know that Selling Sunset stars Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim are currently dating, but in Season 4, she seemed to be swooning over her new client, Simu Liu, star of Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Kim's Convenience. He comes to the Oppenheim Group looking to buy a brand new Hollywood home with his new Marvel money and it's adorable to watch him geek out over Los Angeles real estate that just screams, "I've made it!" all while shamelessly flirting with Chrishell.

I think it's pretty obvious that Chrishell and Jason's relationship was either just beginning or fully fledged by the time Simu shows up in the office to talk about what he wants in his new home (a pool, preferably space for a basketball court, and the kind of space that would make his parents proud to come visit, in case you were wondering), if only by the way that Jason leers at him and looks visibly embarrassed when he notices that Chrishell is flirting back. Just look at this chemistry.

It's pretty adorable. When you think about it, Simu and Jason could not be any more different. Simu is still on the road from rags to riches and not only does he have hair, he desperately needs a haircut.

Jason's eyes could not roll back further into his head during the entire convo. Which is why it's a good thing the Oppenheim twin wasn't there at the actual showing, because Simu and Chrishell were both laying it on thick.

Like, who doesn't want someone to look at them the way that Simu looks at Chrishell? While joking about wandering around the house naked and goofing around on the patio, where they both literally tripped over themselves (because love?!), Chrishell and Simu also chatted about the power of buying a first home and realizing all of their successes.

Again, look at that face! While we don't really know the dynamic between Chrishell and Jason, I feel like it is nowhere near as effortless as this exchange between her and Simu. Alas, after being divorced via text message by Justin The Worst Hartley, Chrishell has said that she doesn't want to date anyone in the entertainment industry going forward. But surely, a guy as seemingly sweet as Simu doesn't count right? I hope they secretly made out.

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