This 'Selling Sunset' Theory Explains Why Emma & Christine's Ex Is Never Named

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This 'Selling Sunset' Theory Explains Why Emma & Christine's Ex Is Never Named

"Soapy. Docusoap. Lifestyle." Netflix couldn’t pick three better descriptors for their popular reality series, Selling Sunset. While the eight-figure mega-mansions and flashy sports cars make the lifestyle part mostly aspirational, it’s the melodramatic storylines that have us binging entire seasons in a single day, leaving us wanting more. And as with any great soap opera, the last episode of Season 4 left us with cliffhangers.

The cliffhangers, of course, centered largely around a former love triangle from years ago that involved Selling Sunset newcomer Emma Hernan, who was hired to fill the position of veteran cast member Christine Quinn, who was out on maternity leave. The man in the middle of this former triangle wasn't even named, let alone appear on the show.

Which was a very strategic move.

Even though this ex-boyfriend (or ex-fiancé, as Christine would call him) was mentioned in just about every episode of Season 4, we never learn anything about him, except that at one point, he went to a gym.

Why would someone who was at the center of a major plot be such a mystery, you ask? Because we need a set up for next season.

In reality series world, situations like this can only be resolved one way — introducing us to the person we're dying to meet. What better way to hype up the Selling Sunset fanbase than by giving us a Season 5 teaser trailer with that mystery man bursting through the office doors of the Oppenheim Group.

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