Did Christine really have COVID when she skipped the reunion?

We finally got the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion (which is ridiculous, having a scripted reunion for a scripted show, but I love it anyway) and of course, Christine Quinn isn't at reunion. After all the drama she's caused in all the seasons, our STAR is no where to be seen. WHY isn't Christine there? It's because she had COVID, she claims, but Chrishelle, Heather, Mary, Emma et all aren't really buying it.

Christine's co-workers claim that she's lied in the past, so why wouldn't she be lying now? And they say that she SHOULD be there to "defend" herself, when really they mean, she should be there so they can attack her with their rehearsed reads. Sad!

Mary told TMZ, when asked if she believes Christine is lying about having Covid, because "she didn’t want to face everything she’s done… It’s sad. We all showed up [to the reunion]. We didn’t want to have to talk to her about her actions. I’m sure she didn’t want to have to have answer for her actions, so we didn’t want to be there talking about it either, but it’s our job. We’re doing it.”

I'm sorry, but it is iconique that Christine skipped out, Covid or not.

Christine's team told ET: "Christine really wanted to be there and was feeling ready to address everything head on and face the music. She was looking forward to having her moment. Unfortunately, it just boiled down to a matter of her health. She was extremely sick."

Christine was supposed to tape the reunion on Saturday, but on Tuesday, she was seen shooting a music video with the one and only Melissa Gorga. Her team told Us Weekly “Christine had two negative tests and, in accordance with protocols, she went back to work.”

Did Christine really have Covid? Did she fake it? Is this all part of the storyline that creator Adam DiVello wrote ahead of time? We'll never know ... except that it's definitely part of the storyline and Christine is one of the best written villains of our time.