Selling The OC release date?

Wow! The Selling Sunset reunion was fun, but they really buried the lede there... Selling The OC is done filming and has a trailer. And it looks SO GOOD.

I love Selling Sunset, don't get me wrong, but I've come to expect it to feel manufactured and fake. That's fine—I know what I'm getting myself into and am A-OK with it!

But Selling The OC looks kinda different? It looks more Vanderpump/Housewives in its drama and filming. Plus, the cast has men, too, which I think will add a completely different element of drama and scandal.

Here is the trailer for those that dipped out of the Selling Sunset reunion early:

Now, we don't know when it's premiering yet. It just says "Coming soon" but I'm hoping that means that the show is ACTUALLY coming soon... like can we get a summer premiere? PLEASE?! What did everyone else think of the trailer?