Here's who Chrishell's dating now after Jason

I didn't buy the Jason romance for a minute on this past season of Selling Sunset. I know that some people (aka the cast) were saying that they were legit and how happy they were, yada yada yada... No. There was zero chemistry between those two. There's more chemistry between Romain and an ounce of enthusiasm—which is saying a lot!

So I was not at all surprised at all when they broke up. The woman was not shocked, as they say! However, I was surprised by Chrishell's new rumored romance, which she confirmed during the Selling Sunset reunion.

First of all, you just have to laugh at the concept of a Selling Sunset reunion. And once you get passed that, we can get to Chrishell's new partner, Australian singer G Flip. (G Flip is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns FYI!)

The two met on a music video set of G Flip's. I guess Chrishell is starring in it, and the two kiss in the video. Gives me Nick/Vanessa Lachey vibes, y'know? Hey, that worked out and they've taken over the Netflix reality game, so who knows where the ceiling is for Chrishell and G Flip.

In the special reunion, Chrishell says, "It started because I was just going to be in their video. And it's about this chaotic love story. I come from soaps, I love acting. And with the job that we have, I don't always get to do it. At first, of course I was like yes, let's do that."

- G Flip is 27 and from Melbourne Australia

- They have one studio album, called About Us

- They have had 10 non-album singles, too! Very impressive

- They've won MTV Europe Music Awards and National Live Music Awards

- Seems like a new single is coming out May 13! Great timing haha

Here's their Instagram for more poking around!