Jason and Brett’s troubled upbringing

Are we ever going to talk about the fact that the Oppenheim twins literally went to jail? And a camp where they ate rattlesnakes for dinner?

Yeah. I didn’t know either until i saw this interview Jason did where he talked about how they grew up. Apparently their parents split when they were young and they spent some weekends with their dad who was a vietnam war veteran.

Jason and Brett used to get into a lot of trouble. They went to seven different schools. Underage drinking, expelled from 5 of the schools for fighting, nights in jail for bar fights and sports stadium brawls.

Their mother had enough and tricked them into thinking they were going to basketball camp that actually turned out to be one of those messed up teen camps similar to where Paris Hilton was sent.

He told the daily Mail: ‘After landing in Idaho, terrified, we were handcuffed and driven four hours in the back of a 4 x 4 truck. These two big guys took our clothes, gave us army fatigues and then marched us for hours on end through the desert.

There was no running water, showers, clothes changes, bathroom tissue and just a tin of lentils to eat daily.They took our shoes at night to stop us running away.

The only extra food available was by killing and cooking deadly rattlesnakes or crushing ants onto our lentils to create flavor.

Once for three days I had just half a rattlesnake to eat alone on the shady side of a giant rock.'

Even the camp didn’t help their behavior. This is where their father stepped in and straightened them up. Jason attributed it to the fact that they were scared of their father because the vet would ‘whoop their a**’.

They eventually improved their behavior drastically and went to UCLA and Berkeley where they became lawyers.

They did law for a while and after deciding it wasn’t for them switched into real estate.

It’s honestly wild because I know they mentioned that they didn’t come from the best background but I didn’t know the extent!