Mary as a manager

what are all your thoughts on Mary as a manager? I’m happy for her and she is definitely a hustler when it comes to the O Group. Well deserved! BUT I found her as a manager to be rather shocking? The way she spoke to Christine at Christine’s birthday coffee meeting (lol) was SO unprofessional. Just bc christine is unprofessional doesn’t mean she should be too? She was yelling at her coworker (as a manager) publicly and it was just… so bad? And then the comparing of the women’s listings (davina Vanessa and Emma) was just… weird? She’s been in the game long enough? IDK made me lose some respect for her… anyone else?

Also if I ever hear the phrase “lose my promotion” again, I s2g.

*I say all of this fully knowing the show is very dramatized! But it wasn’t a good look.