Chrishell and Jason's relationship is SO cringe

No wonder Chrishell never made it as an actor... she cannot even pretend that she likes Jason. When they go to hug she like keeps her butt out so that their fronts don't touch. There are no scenes of them actually being romantic .... it's just her talking about her relationship (mostly vehemently defending it) to the other women in the Oppenheim Group.

Jason, for his part, does a decent job of seeming like he's into Chrishell... maybe he is, maybe he isn't. But they have zero chemistry. They don't have a sparkle in their eyes. The only thing that makes them light up is the idea that they may be getting away with their fauxship.

Don't forget that Selling Sunset is a docusoap by Adam DiVello, creatorr of The Hills, which was scripted with fake relationships.

Makes me respect Kristin and LC's acting skills compared to Chrishell's!