Season 5 is Out Now!

Season 5 is out! I'm up to episode 4. Here are my thoughts so far....

-The drama between the girls and Christine has always been really confusing to me. Personally, I really like Christine, but the way that the girls act towards here makes it seem like she is a really terrible person. On the other hand, I get really confused because they seem like really mean girls from Christine's POV. How do others feel about this? I think it's silly to take sides, but I can see how insecure Christine is and I genuinely do think the girls bully her a lot.

-I really like Christine's new friend, Chelsea. She seems to fit into the dynamic of the show really well. I just wish they would all stop having these fake conversations where they love each other SO much and are SO obsessed with one another.

-Everyone is skinny on this show. In an unsettling way. I can't tell if it's because they all have so much work done that it's making skinny girls look skinnier or what, but for some reason it's more distracting to me in this season so far.

-Chrishell & Jason.....we all know how it ends, so I'm just gonna leave it at that.

-I would be fine with never hearing about Emma's empanadas business LOL

Who's watched so far? Sound off in the comments! :)